Monday, August 3, 2009

AUGUST 3rd, 2009

New (OLD!) Website!
New (OLD!) EP!
New (NEW!) Album!
New (NEW!) News!

Check out the new website! We've changed the layout a bit overall. Although it may not look too new to the untrained eye, behind the curtain everything is brand new and should better serve the band. We've also added a new section which will we will highlight some of our favs.

Looking over the music page, the dedicated will notice that a few songs which used to be on Based on a Fake Story are MISSING. Fear not, they aren't gone forever, they've just moved to their own History of Music EP. Millions of years summed up in just ten songs.

Paul and Mason are hard at work on a NEW ALBUM! I know it's been said many times but there are a few actual recordings in progress, so it's for real and the boys mean business. Armed with new software, better equipment, and higher levels of skill and maturity, they tell me they currently have their sights set for a 2010 release.