Sunday, December 21, 2008

DECEMBER 21st, 2008

The boys are back in town! The new website is all done, and the close-as-brothers bandmates are at it again, furiously (casually) writing and rehearsing in Mason's parents' basement in the cold darkness.

The trio will likely perform a few shows in the near future to hammer the kinks out of their prototype tunes. Always looking for bands to share a stage with, Catscan is hoping to extend a plea to their friends in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Harrisonburg, and pretty much anywhere within a few hours driving distance. We need to play shows!

On the not-so-distant horizon, there should be a holiday show this year, however, it may be after Christmas this time around. If one cared to look further in our future, he would notice that the Richy&Georgie collaborative EP is not dead. Also, these newest proper band songs gotta go somewhere... we're going to try to record them in a radically different way in a wildly different setting this summer. Look forward to these things and maybe a surprise or two, if you are good.

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