Monday, February 16, 2009

FEBRUARY 16th, 2009

We're on the radio! Our good friend, Gonzi invited us onto his radio show, All Mixed Up! That's on VCU's college radio, WVCW. One could tune in on their physical radio the boring old fashioned way, or listen online through their website at

It isn't actually going to be live. We pre-recorded a few what we thought were good responses to what we considered to be hard hitting questions about the band and Jay's personal life.

We also recorded a few live 'street performer' versions of a few tunes, which were played on broken instruments and stuff that we found in Paul's apartment. Although we recorded four songs, we have NO IDEA which will be included in tonight's show! However, you can get 'em all right here, right now, in all their uncut and raw glory, in case you missed the show or are dying to hear what we tried to do!

You're Gonna Like This Band
Marine Biologist
Go K.K. Rider! / Bailando Con Pollo

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